Agility Level Questionnaire

The standardized questionnaire has been developed for the purpose of measuring the agility of Agile teams. For those outside of Agile teams, it may be a useful exercise to consider the questions in relation to their own organization, as it provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the principles and benefits of the Agile methodology.

Standardized Questionnaire for Measuring Agility at Team Level

Agility is measured in six dimensions:

  • Communicative, The agile team should communicate frequently and directly with each other
  • Change-affine, The agile team should react quickly and flexibly to volatile requirements
  • Iterative, The agile team should develop the product in several iterations
  • Self-organized, The agile team should operate autonomously as a self-organized team
  • Product-driven, The focus of the agile team should be on the product to be created
  • Improvement-oriented, The agile team should continuously improve the development process

The questionnaire is based on the works of Hanna Looks, Jannik Fangmann, Jörg Thomaschewski, María-José Escalona & Eva-Maria Schön as published in Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Agile Software Development, XP 2021 Virtual Event, June 14–18, 2021.